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The Mediterranean Society

Through vision and concentrated effort, the Mediterranean Society of America was launched in 1968 by a small, but enthusiastic group of citizens in Richmond, Virginia. Though the Society has been led by individuals possessing a specialized knowledge of the Mediterranean lands, its strength has always remained its lay membership. In this respect, the organization is probably unique in its field. The current Board of Directors consists of representatives of various professions and areas of the business world, as well as a number of secondary-school and university teachers.

Since its inception, the Society has sponsored numerous summer seminars to various countries of the Mediterranean. Lectures at regular meetings and cultural presentations have attempted to bring the flavor of the Mediterranean World to our side of the Atlantic. Trips to museums and other places of interest in this country have proved to be successful and rewarding. In addition, a periodic Newsletter has conveyed the spirit of the Society to many homes and libraries.

Now in the forty-seventh year of its existence, the Mediterranean Society is more vibrant and active than ever.  The coming year promises a varied and attractive program which includes a seminar in France and two short domestic excursions, a special lecture at the Virginia Museum, a social event freaturing Mediterranean cusine, and lectures by visiting scholars who are experts on the Mediterranean area.  All the functions of the Society are meant to further awareness of that region of the world which gave birth to our western culture. Click here to see the latest copy of The Mediterranean Society of America Newsletter: March 2015.

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  • Michael Compton Michael Compton
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